Sunday, January 19, 2014

A beginning of sorts

I suppose an introduction of sorts is the best place to start... 

Hi, I'm Kristen *smiles & waves through the screens*

I'm a 30-ish newly minted Mom of one beautiful baby girl, named Faith. 
I quit my job at 8.5 months pregnant to move with my husband's job back to the City of Brotherly Love, where our love story first started. 
I am a stay-at-home Mom for now but with intentions of rejoining the workforce at least part-time in near future.  Wishful thinking that I can find a job that fits my needs.
and most of all...

I am clueless, scared of screwing it up and
 learning a lot of new things about me, my partner and our baby girl

I have no real goals with starting a blog.  I am well aware of the vast amount of Mommy blogs out there and have been reading many of them since well before I became a Mommy.  I understand there are tons of folks looking for an outlet and hoping to make something of their blogs...For me, I'm just reaching out to a community I believe it and hoping to make some new friends in the process. 

Seems feasible, right?  If not, don't tell me until I've finished my'll ruin my therapeutic cup of Bedtime Tea and really a cup of tea is all I've got tonight..

Thanks for stopping by and maybe next time we can "tea" together!

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